Our vision and mission

MSS Transport & Handelsonderneming is a young and dynamic company. Not only does MSS keep up with new developments, all trucks also only have Euro 6 engines with the latest upgrades. MSS guarantees quality and personal contact with customers.
We consciously do not want to make our company too big, because otherwise we will lose personal contact with both our employees and customers. We have chosen to organize our work as innovatively as possible in both the trucks and the office.
For example, we use the most extensive Webfleet Tools with which we can monitor our trucks and quickly inform customers about arrival times.
In addition to our own fleet, which consists of approximately 30-35 tractor units and approximately 40-45 trailer units, we work closely with a number of colleagues, particularly in the north of the country. In this way we avoid making empty kilometers and we make optimal use of our load factor.